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As industry progresses and the demands for services change, the need to keep up and ahead, becomes imperative.

We have made substantial investments to prepare for the businesses we provide services to, and we are prepared to continue and further develop and improve. Our commitment to work within the applicable industries we provide services to, have brought us to where we are and will urge us to move forward. Our goal is to be your first choice for the services and materials you need to maintain productivity and more importantly, count on the dependability you expect.


The same composites that use used to manufacture our CDP weld overlay (wear) plate are often   applied to existing or fabricated components, and done in our Abbotsford shop. With high amperage, the appropriate heavy gauge C.E. wire and a variable percentage of carbide, the resulting weld surface and properties are tailored to the application of the equipment and application it’s intended for.
Whether small or large surfaces to cover, and if it’s a thin or thick base (substrate) the process is very efficient, cost effective and the finished products are extremely tough and durable.


Whenever required, light gauge plate is ordered and used for various applications and when cut, distortion or warpage due to heat is unacceptable. The right cutting process eliminates that problem and the result is exactly what is required and subsequently delivered.

If it’s one piece or dozens of pieces, waste is minimized with intelligent programming and accurate cutting equipment, reducing wasted material and unnecessary cost.

Our “Messer” C.N.C. Cutting system is mated with a Hypertherm and boosted to 750 Amps. When needed, the heavy duty cutting jobs are done with minimal problems and clean results.


When steel plate is needed, it’s not always simply flat. When it needs to be formed, it will be done and delivered the way it’s needed for installation on your equipment or in your plant.

With an 8 foot press length for flange bending and a 6 foot wide full clearance, we can form most material to the exact specification necessary.

For an application involving a bucket or liner, having your plate accurately pre-formed makes installation a lot easier and far less labour and cost intensive.

For operations or applications requiring tubing, steel plate and the wear plates we specialize in, we can form these to your specification. Where abrasive material of any kind contacts steel or flows through piping, severe wear can  result and our ‘CDP’ weld overlay plate and ‘Castotube‘ ( are excellent solutions.

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